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June 14 - 18

Carnival Week is a great way to begin the summer as every day at camp is carnival day where you’ll become the performer.  Learn the skills of the midway and become a clown, a juggler, or master one of the other fun activities we’ve planned.  Plus, you’ll win lots of prizes as you try your hand at the challenging games and contests.  It’s one big week of fun with lots of really cool activities happening every day.

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June 28 – July 2    

There’s nothing better that extreme water fights in the heat of summer!  Join us for slippery wet games, ooey, gooey fun, and super-soaker events that will give you aqua excitement.  From water squirt gun fights, to a safe and fun wet-and-wild slip and slide, this will be a week you don't want to miss!

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July 12 - 16

You’ve played the games; now it’s time to live them!  Video games come to life as you and your friends get in the system and play your way through all of your favorite video games.  We’ll be launching Angry Birds, taking on your friends in Super Smash Brothers and lots more.  After a full week of gaming we’ll end the week with our very own version of real life Mario Kart.  Don’t spin out on a banana peel, or it’ll be “Game Over.”

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June 21 - 25

If you like things just a little bit different, then this week is for you.  We’ve packed the week with perfectly safe yet amazing and unusual activities you’ll never forget.  This week includes the “Great American Shaving Cream Fight.”   There are all kinds of things to climb, bounce and race.  You’ll experience extreme activities in a safe, but really fun way and exciting way!  

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July 5 - 9

It’s time to assemble! Join forces with the other kids at camp to fight against the villains overrunning camp and restore order.  We’ll help you discover your origin story as you learn to use your super powers and become a hero known throughout the galaxy.  So get on your suit and get ready to fight.  Up, up, and away!

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July 19 - 23

Details coming soon.

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