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Joy Ranch


Our Story

Joy of Living was founded in 1993  with the mission to love kids and communicate hope.  ​For over 35 years that Vision continues to guide us as we reach the next generation for Christ.  

We currently have 10 horses, 1 miniature donkey, 1 miniature horse, 1 Pygmy goat, 1 potbelly pig, and 2 rabbits.

Our horse program is one of the greatest things we have to offer. The animals at the ranch have helped thousands of kids overcome fears, let down walls, and feel the amazing therapeutic value that they bring to the program! 

As the ranch manager, I always wanted it to be more than an activity and for the kids to feel love and hope.

A lot of the kids we get here come from very broken backgrounds. Some of the horses we have come from abusive backgrounds as well. With that,  I have been able to show them though these special horses that there are second chances and hope for a different future.

There is something very powerful about knowing you have the strength inside of you to control such a large animal.. it helps these hurting kids to realize they have the strength to overcome some of the unfortunate situations they face in their lives.

Meet The Horse

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