A typical day at Joy of Living...

Wake up

Campers awake and prepare for the day.  (Overnight Campers only)


Breakfast is served in Heron Hall. (Overnight Campers only)



Day Campers arrive and check-in with teams to prepare for the day's activities.



All campers join together as they sing, play games, watch skits, and hear any announcements for their day. 


Acts are activity sessions rotated among seven, 45-minute segments.  Scroll below for an idea of what each act will look like.

Bible Time

Campers will learn a Bible story or a concept that can be applied to life at home and at school, with friends, families, or anyone they  meet.



Each team competes against one another in various games.  Throughout the week, scores are tracked and the team at the end of the week with the most points is honorably named “Team of the Week.”  Treats usually follow!

Craft Time

If your camper enjoys letting creative juices flow, then craft time is just the place for you.  This segment allows him/her to try his/her hand at various artistic skills.  It’s time to shine!

Team Time

This is a great opportunity for campers and counselors to get to know one another.  They can spend time bonding over conversation or over a foosball table.  Air hockey, legos, and board games offer an option for the more competitive bunch.

Game Room

& Snack Shop

When those tummies start rumbling, snack time is the place to be.  Kids love purchasing snacks from the snack shop but can also bring food from home if that is a more suitable preference.


Day Campers bring their lunches and eat with their teams.  If there are allergies, counselors are notified so that extra caution can be used to keep kids safe.  Overnight campers will be provided lunch.



Every day there is something special at camp.  From Canoeing to horseback riding, to ropes course challenges, kids will get an opportunity to experience a wider variety of new adventures every day!

Day Camp Wrap-Up

Campers and counselors tidy their cabins, gather their belongings, and head to the closing rally. Overnight Campers take an afternoon break before evening activities. 



All campers gather together to sing a few more fun songs and see the point totals for the day’s competition.  Campers and counselors alike cheer their teams on in an effort to be Team of the Week.

Day Camp


Day Campers depart via parent pick-up or bus transport.


Overnight Campers shower and clean up for dinner.


Dinner is served in Heron Hall. (Overnight Campers only)



Our evening session is a great chance for kids to unwind, spend time unpacking deep questions and learning more about the Lord.  Activities include a game or activity after dinner followed by evening chapel, small group time, and usually a campfire or star gazing.

Lights Out

Overnight Campers go to sleep.

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