Hackman Family

Alan Hackman - Facilities and Ground Director

Alan is a Knox County native who started volunteering at camp in 2014.  

Three years ago, Alan's passion for camp and children led him to accept a position as the Director of Facilities and Grounds.  Alan moved his wife and three children to the camp to keep everything in great shape year round.  

Alan's ability to connect with children has been evident during his time with us.  Add to this his handy-man skills, hard work-ethic, and ability to BBQ some killer ribs, we have been more than glad to have him.

You can reach Alan at

The Hackman Family are our camp missionaries and you can support them here!  


Bethany Erich

Bethany joined the Joy of Living team as Office Administrator in December of 2021. She is the wife of Nathan and mother to Elizabeth, Esther, and Daniel. She is a teacher by training and combined her love of teaching and love of the outdoors in her last position as an Outdoor Education Instructor. Bethany stepped away from this role upon the birth of their first child. For 5 years she chose to stay home with their 3 children and also entered the world of homeschooling. 

Bethany and Nathan met and married while serving together in camp ministry, and both remain passionate about the power of camp. Nathan is a full-time youth and young adults pastor in the Mansfield/Bellville area.

Bethany is passionate about helping people deepen their relationship with Christ and encouraging them to follow Him with their everything. She enjoys planning, organizing, making lists, managing calendars, teaching, and supporting a team. 


At Joy of Living she hopes to support the team in any and every way that will enhance their ability to serve the children and other guests that will spend their time here. She enjoys trying new things and developing new skills within the world of camp ministry.

Alongside these roles, Bethany enjoys running, hiking, camping, reading, writing, sewing, laughing, road trips, and climbing trees.

You can contact Bethany via email at or phone at 740-599-6260

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