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 Hackman Family

Alan Hackman - Facilities and Ground Director

Nicole Hackman-Joy Ranch Manager&Guest Services Coordinator 

Their children- Jacob, Kelsey & Kyle


Alan is a Knox County native who started volunteering at camp in 2013.  

Alan's passion for camp and children led him to accept a position as the Director of Facilities and Grounds.  Alan moved his wife and three children to the camp to keep everything in great shape year round.  

Alan's ability to connect with children has been evident during his time with us.  Add to this his handy-man skills, hard work-ethic, and ability to BBQ some killer ribs, we have been more than glad to have him.

You can reach Alan at:

Nicole is also a Knox County native who has been with JOL and part of several different positions since 2013. 

Nicole is currently working as our Joy Ranch manager and Guest Services Coordinator.
Her passion for teaching children about our Savior through animals has brought healing and comfort to so many over the years. We are also thankful that she manages our guests groups all year round!


​You can reach Nicole at:


The Hackman Family are our camp missionaries and you can support them here!  

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