"Fill Our Tanks"

One of our largest expenses over the late Fall and Winter months is keeping our propane tanks full and our furnaces running. Our buildings are used all year long when summer camp is not in session. We host churches, school groups, athletic teams, youth groups and more. We also program a lot of our own ministry, such as Man Camp, the Come Away Women's Retreat and Winter Mission (our mentoring program for our older camp kids).

Our "Fill Our Tanks" goal is $5,040. This number is the sum of all the number 1 to 100. So, 100 gifts of $1 through $100 will cover the cost of keeping the camp warm and ministry happening at Joy of Living Camp!

  • Here's How it works...

    First - Choose any available number from 1 to 100 on the chart below.

    Next - Gift that amount to Joy of Living Camp's "Fill Our Tanks" Campaign using the form below.

    Finally - Please help spread the word! We are praying that 100 people will respond before October 1st!

    As the numbers are taken we'll update the "tank" 

    so you'll know which number to claim as your own!

Use this secure online form to help fill our tanks... 

or mail your gift to Joy of Living Camp, PO Box 338, Brinkhaven, OH 43006


PO Box 338, 18860 Dodd Road, Brinkhaven, OH  43006

office@joyoflivingcamp.com     740-599-7707