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2024 Man Camp

What a powerful weekend! God moved in a mighty way. Men who were hungry for more of the Father came together and allowed the Holy Spirit complete freedom. Many lives were changed! Men were healed spiritually and relationships were restored. God moved in ways that nobody was expecting.

Man Camp 2023 Recap

Man camp is a time for men to come together and dig deep into the things of God. This is where men have the opportunity to take off their armor, let down their guard, and allow themselves to become vulnerable. To allow the Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do, without any restrictions. The Father is wanting and ready to move in your life. The only thing He is waiting for is you.

Whether you are pastor, evangelist, or you just love Jesus, this is a time for you to grow stronger, build your relationship with our heavenly Father, and leave on fire for God. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. There is nothing in your life that is too big for God to handle, and there is nothing that is too small for Him to get involved with. The Father loves you and He is longing for you to run into His arms and become His son. Come by yourself, bring your sons, your fathers, your brothers or your best friends. God is calling you, don't miss out on what He is going to do. 

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